Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To My Fans:

Well. . . can we say "interesting"? I never expected OCS to be easy or even enjoyable, but it is FAR worse than I ever imagined. Please, don't be worried. It's just a LOT different than I expected.

Just to give you a little more insight. . . IT SUCKS!!!

Nothing is unbearable, just frustrating and irritating. So far I'm keeping up, but it does require a LOT of short nights. I think I slept 3 hours last night.

But don't think I've quit smiling. I just have to keep it under wraps. There was a time an instructor tried to correct a candidate. . . When we mess up in giving orders the proper statement to correct yourself is, "as you were". . . meaning back to the start and begin again. One of the candidates messed up and the instructor told him to say "as you were" so he could start again. In typical nervous fashion the kid responded, "As I was." So the instructor again said, "As you were!" He repeated, "As I was!" So the instructor said "NO, as you WERE!" And still the kid bellowed, "AS I WAS!" In traditional fashion, the instructor stepped closer and spoke louder. "NO! AS YOU WERE!" Because we are often corrected for not being loud enough, again the kid misunderstood and focused efforts on an even louder, "AS I WAS!" Let me tell you, the 10th time is just as funny as the first!

For those wondering, overall the food is good. We just don't get very much and only 3 meals per day. To help, I have started eating the occasional sweet. I'm already maxing my other options (sometimes 3-4 fruits at 1 meal). Today for instance I had two small cookies with lunch. . . think ginger snaps.

Hope all is well with everyone!


PS: For those of you desiring Fish's address, he has not yet shared that information. When/if he does, I will discreetly pass it on.

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