Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Date: Unknown, Time: It's Dark

To my loving fans,
I suspect the fan club is already set-up and membership is rapidly increasing. Life here is interesting. They tell me it has only been a week. I can’t really say as I have lost all track of time. I had to ask and trust others today in the wild belief that it is Friday.

While I realize there are probably many questions, I still don’t know that I can answer them. There are large men here who are hard of hearing and have poor eye sight. Thankfully, they have good hygiene and their breath and BO aren’t bad because they stand very close to us all the time. And just in case you are curious, they didn’t lose those senses to age. They are not very old and are in no way feeble.

Being that I am in school, I have learned a lot. Did you know that more than one person can use a urinal at the same time and if you have wide enough stalls (without doors), three people can? Also, there is a much more efficient way to take a shower. It’s called a wagon wheel, but I’ll save that for later.

I must go for now as there is lots to still do. We average 20-22 hours a day with no down-time.

Miss you all.

I’ll try to figure out my address. I had a few things ready to go out, but that was before pick-up. . . that was the day we met our friendly teachers. They let us play this fun game called toss our stuff. While it was fun, I don’t recommend playing it with 60 people. I think Hasbro actually put 4-6 players on the box. Maybe I’ll eventually get my stuff back. . .

Future thoughts:
2 minute meals
Sharing towels
I usually wear a large but his small fit fine.
Whose toothbrush was that?


  1. Sounds like you're having fun. God bless you and can't wait to hear more.

  2. Keep it up my man...they have to break you down before they start to build you back up. Just a few more weeks and things will start to change. It only gets easier...or so I'm told. Proud of you--MEW

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  4. Do you need some gum?? We think you might....yj and giggles


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